Special conditions for the 2021-2022 Course

Dear customer, we express our gratitude for having placed your trust in a product of our brand whose quality has been verified according to the strictest controls and is hereby endorsed: BADER EUROPE GROUP, SL provided with VAT number B27804657, guarantees this product in the following terms and conditions:
  • The product covered by this certificate is protected for a period of guarantee until the end of the student's studies, which is an offer aimed at students whose territorial scope covers the entire Iberian Peninsula..
  • This warranty includes a free overhaul at the end of each school year, provided the product is not tampered with or deteriorating.
  • During this warranty period, in the event of a manufacturing defect, the consumer will be entitled to have it repaired. Repairs will be free of charge and will be carried out within a reasonable period of time and without any major inconvenience for the consumer.
  • This warranty excludes malfunctions, imperfections or damage caused to the product as a result of: mistreatment, misuse, exposure to adverse weather conditions, lack of lubrication, location in unsuitable environments for the dusty product, dirt and humidity, abuse, blows, falls, inadequate or insufficient installation, failure of electrical supply, wear and tear, repairs carried out by persons other than the indicated service, as well as alteration of the data appearing in this certificate and/or other causes external to the product itself.
  • This warranty will automatically be void in case of wrong handling.
  • This certificate was written in accordance with the provisions of Law 23/2003 of July 10, Guarantees in the Sale of Equipment Goods.
  • The validity of the special student guarantee will be void in case of resale.
  • It is mandatory to register the guarantee from bader.es/guarantee within one year of purchase.

1. In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD), we inform you that your personal data are included in files owned by BADER EUROPE GROUP S.L whose purposes are to control and maintain the contractual relationship. Therefore, we inform you that your data will be kept in our company's files in order to carry out the contracted purpose. They may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition provided for in the Law, by sending regular mail to the company's address.

2. The contracting parties declare that they are aware of and accept the general conditions of contracting of BADER EUROPE GROUP SL which are available at its offices in Porto do Molle Rúa Madanela, Nave 3D, 36350 Nigrán- Pontevedra, at (URL: http: // www .bader .es) and in the Registry of Movable Goods of Pontevedra and expressly agrees to submit to Spanish law any litigation, discrepancy or claim resulting from the contracting carried out and to arbitration by the Court of the Commercial Arbitration Association "TAM", within the framework of its Regulation, which is responsible for administering the arbitration and appointing the arbitrator or arbitral tribunal, undertaking from now on to comply with the arbitration award. The addresses and electronic means provided for in the contract are expressly designated as means of notification for all purposes, including those of the arbitration procedure.

Steps to formalize your warranty

To formalize the guarantee of your BADER student kit, you must fill in the form with your data and then upload the requested documentation.

Steps to formalize your warranty:


Necessary documentation (required to send the 3 files by email):
1 - Photograph or scanned copy of “Enrollment” or “Students Card”.
2 - Photograph or scanned copy of “Purchase justification”.
3 - Photograph of “Label on the back of the instrument case with the serial numbers”.

(*) Send the 3 documents by email to sofia.montenegro@bader.es.


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