Trekc M2 High Edition Dental Unit


The Trekc M2 High Edition dental equipment is an electro-pneumatic device, with programmable memories.

It includes an Newmatic micromotor and Luzzani syringes.

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Trekc M2 High Edition Dental Unit

The Trekc M2 High Edition dental equipment is an electro-pneumatic device, with programmable memories.


· Dental tray:

- Doctor tray hummingbird system with 5 standard housings.

- Touch control keypad with 3 programming levels and 3 programmable work positions.

- Control of the LED lamp, water of the glass and automatic scanning of the spittoon.

- Triple water-air-spray syringe type Luzzani Minilight.

- 2 Drive Air midwest 6 hoses with LED light.

- Newmatic micromotor.

- Electronic ultrasonic scaler with EMS/Satelec compatible LED light.

- Pressure swich (one per hose).

- Water/air hose regulation system in accessible tray.

- Plastic tray to place instruments.

- Pneumatic brake with handle in stainless steel AISI316.

- Silicone hoses rest.

- LED Negatoscope and LCD screen with movement indicator.

· Assistant tray:

- Syringe 3 functions in the assistant tray.

- Triple efficiency automatisms.

- Rotary tray for easy access with movement controls, water filling of the glass and automatic sweeping of the spittoon.

- Includes 4 hoses.

- Lamp to polymerize 2 hoses with suction cannulas.

- Adjustable removable glass spittoon.

- Filling the adjustable cup.

- Cattani type suction hoses.

- Durr type solids filter.

· Water group:

- Supported by the armchair and moves in sympathy with it.

- Incorporates constant temperature water heater 40ºC

- Perfectly prepared for wet ring aspirations.

- Tecnomed Italy pressure regulators, water, air and solid filters.

- Italic / Parker biselenoid valve system.

- Linak electromechanical system with movements of up, down and compensated trendelemburg, being able to control the dental unit from the main tray or from the pedal.

- Safety system of limit movements, both in the lowering of the chair and the backrest and whenever the instruments are in use.

- It has security systems, active or passive, in the water group and in the movements of the chair.

- Double bottle of distilled water.

· Composition:

- Headrest with double articulation.

- Stool with height adjustment upholstered in the same color as the dental equipment.

Multifunction pedal: Joystick for movement control for all armchair movements and controls instruments.

- 8000- 45000 lux LED lamp.

- Fully compensated articulated arm, allow the position in any operating area without interference.

- Easy to clean upholstery with viscoelastic interior.

- Polyethylene series footrest integrated in the dental equipment.

- White fairing.

- Double articulated armrest.

· Choose the color of your tapestry for dental equipment and stool:



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