Dental Unit Flex Up High Pack 2


Equip your dental clinic with this complete pack that includes:

- Flex Up High dental equipment.

- Amalgam separator filter.

- Stool.

- 18 liter autoclave.

- 25 liter compressor free oil. 

- Wet ring aspiration Unit 300.

- Water destiller.

- Masters rotary kit.

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11 270,00 € tax excl.

-2 429,00 €

13 699,00 € tax excl.

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Dental Unit Flex Up High Pack 2

Dental equipment features:

Doctor tray includes:

- Colibri system of 5 standard housings.

- Touch control keypad with 3 levels of programming and different work positions.

- Control of the led lamp, water from the glass and automatic scanning of the spittoon

- Triple water-air syringe - spray

- 2 Tecnomed Italy midwest 6 hoses with LED light

- Electric induction micromotor with BADER M140 LED light.

- Multifunction hose for MC3 micromotor.

- Electronic ultrasonic scaler with EMS / Satelec compatible LED light.

- Pressure: Triple efficiency automatisms.

- Pressure swich one per hose.

- Water air hose regulation system in accessible tray.

Colibri System: 

Mangueras Sillón dental Flex Up BADER

Assistant tray includes:

Rotary for easy access with movement controls, water from the vessel and automatic scanning of the spittoon.

- It includes 4 hoses.

- Triple syringe water - air - spray.

- Polymerize lamp. 2 hoses with suction cannulas.

- 360º rotation


Adjustable glass or ceramic removable cuspidor.

Filling the adjustable cup.

Maximum comfort in the assistant tray:

Escupidera Sillón dental BADER

Water group:

Supported by the armchair and moves in sympathy with it. It incorporates a constant temperature water heater 40º Perfectly prepared for wet ring aspirations.

- Tecnomed Italy pressure regulators, water, air and solid filters.

- Italic biselenoid sitema.

- Linak electromechanical system with movements of rise, fall and compensated trendelemburg, being able to control the dental unit from the main tray or from the pedal.

- Headrest with double articulation.

- Stool with height adjustment and backrest.

- It includes amalgam separator.

Microfiber upholstery:

Security system:

Safety system of limit movements, both in the descent of the chair and the backrest and whenever the instruments are in use. It has security systems, active or passive, in the water group and in the movements of the chair.


Multifunction pedal, Joystick for movement control for all chair movements and controls instruments.

Pedal sillón dental FLEX UP BADER

LED lamp:

LED lamp with 10 bulbs 8000-15000Lx. Fully compensated articulated arm, allow position in any operating area without interference.


Class B autoclave for the sterilization of products used by doctors, specially designed for clinics, hospitals, laboratories...

The sterilizer uses microprocessor with intelligent control system and humanistic interface, operating easily, safely and comfortably.

The parameters and conditions for the autoclave are transmitted on the screen during the process.

To ensure that sterilization is being accurate, the machine will perform self-diagnostics and self-protection in cases where there is overheating or high pressure temperatures.

The inside of the autoclave has a condensed water collector that prevents steam that can contaminate the environment.

Latest generation autoclave with a capacity of 18 liters.

Equipped with interesting functions, such as USB port, water quality sensor with tank, LCD screen and safety valve.

The existence of an integrated data logger allows sterilization cycles to be saved on a USB memory stick without the need for external cables or equipment.

The thermal printer can be connected to the sterilizer to print barcodes.

BADER brand.

Technical characteristics:

- Capacity: 18 Liters.

- Camera dimensions: 25x25x35cm.

- Autoclave dimensions: 61cm long x 50cm wide x 40cm high.

- LCD screen.

- Lock: electric + mechanical.

- Power supply: 220V / 50hZ 2.4KW

- USB connection.

- Thermal printer.

- Net weight: 50.25 Kg.

- Gross weight: 52.5 Kg.

* Two year warranty.


German design.

Highly silent and low vibration air compressor.

It has a 25L vertical boiler.

Oil free For 1 dental team.


- 25L air tank. 

- Frequency: 1400rpm.

- Single phase motor: 220V - 50Hz

- Mpa: 0.8

- Power consumed: 0.60Kw

- Power: 1.1 HP

- Voltage: less than 200V.

- dB (A): 60

- Maximum working pressure of 8 bar

- Mass: 22Kg.

- Dimensions: 40x40x61cm.

- Two cylinders + dryer + filter + air condenser.



Technical characteristics:  

Maximum liquid flow 4 l/min. in the surgical aspiration cannula.  

Central suction machine for 1 job.  

It does not require drainage at the base of the dental unit.  

The air/water separation is produced by aspiration  

A single central drain in the engine room.

Technical data:

Number of posts: 1

Suction flow: 300L/m

Number of positions with 60% alternation: 2

Sound level: 52 dBA

Contains solids separator.

Electrical performance (kW) 0.45 - 0.58

Voltage (V) 230 (1 ~)

Frequency (Hz) 50

With electronic switchboard.

Maximum depression: -37KPa

Rotation speed: 2900rpm.

Size: 34x47x56 cm

Weight: 21kg


This product is designed for use within the dental clinic.

It can also be used in hospitals, prosthetic laboratories or any other place where tasks are performed with distilled water. Its way of use is simple, simple and safe. It is the solution to have distilled water quickly. As simple as using tap water and obtaining distilled water after a process.

Technical characteristics:

- Power: 750W.

- Internal size: 440mm x 400mm x 140mm

- Outside size: 500mm x 460mm x 200mm

- Purified water quality: ≤20μS / cm

- Energy: 220 / 50Hz.

- Capacity: 1 Liter / Hour.

The product contains:

1. Distiller.

2. Water bottle.

3. Discharge lid.

4. Bottle cap.

5. Filter

6. Main power cable.

7. Chamber cleaning detergent.

8. Instruction manual.


It includes:

- Ledultimate turbine with self-generated LED light.

- Contra angle Complacent without 1: 1 transmission light

- Complacent handpiece without 1: 1 transmission light.

- Newmatic pneumatic micromotor.

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