Endo typodont


  • Endodontic typodontic unit with 28 , of which 27 are screw-retained, except for the incisor tooth with transparent root, suitable for endodontic treatment.
  • Maxillary and mandibular typodontics, made of hard thermoplastic material, elastic and interchangeable gingivae.
  • It contains articulator and plates compatible with any phantom.

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Endo typodont

Typodonts are the preclinical learning systems that bring the student closest to the real clinical situation. In this particular case, it is prepared for teaching endodontics, as it comes with a removable tooth with a transparent root.

This type of dental unit, as it can be made by the student himself, can be used to carry out more practices and techniques in dentistry with different instrumental material.

Bader endodontic typodontics:

  • Tipodont with 28 teeth.
  • 27 screw-retained teeth.
  • 1 tooth (incisor) with transparent root for endodontic practice.
  • Articulator included.
  • Splint compatible with any phantom.
  • Maxillary and mandibular typodont, in duroplastic material, elastic and interchangeable gingivae.

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