Training dental unit


Ideal product for practicing dentistry students.

  • Contains an ANA-4 cryonic type.
  • Designed with mechanized movements of 145º.

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Training dental unit

This equipment is composed of a lamp, a phantom with head and body, a work tray, box, rotary hoses with Midwest connection and suction, triple syringe, pedal, water and air system. The sources of water, air and electricity are connected under the cabinet.

The water and air filter are installed in the tank to purify the air and water that enters the equipment. With the pedal you can control the movements of rise and fall of the phantom as well as the speed of the rotating and the output of water and air.

The equipment has a bottle of distilled water hanging in the cabinet since the use of distilled water is recommended to prolong the life of the equipment.

This product is ideal for dentistry students to carry out their practices

Phantom: this part includes head, articulator, face mask in silicone PVC and type ANA-4. The front of the skull vault can be opened to adjust the entire oral cavity in the head. The articulated arm allows us to place the phantom in different positions according to our needs. The head also gives the possibility to adapt it to work in a comfortable way with the model. The articulator of the type has two positions: open and closed (occlusal and maxillary movement. The mandibular base is composed of two magnetic platens that allow the type to be coupled for a perfect fit.

The mask covering the oral cavity is made of silicone PVC, so you can get a more real view of the model of study you are working on.

Stool: this stool model with curved edge that reduces pressure on the legs and allows better circulation. The height is adjustable helping the professional maintain a correct posture. The surface has no seams so it facilitates cleaning. Its upholstery has three layers, composed of: microfiber, cushion foam flex comfort and frame support. The stool has a swivel base with gas lifting easily accessing the levers for quick adjustment and easy cleaning.
The structure is compact in chromed steel and features high strength wheels. The small diameter of the support cross provides great freedom of movement, even when very little space is available.

Dental unit: includes rotary tray, LED lamp and multifunction pedal. Rotary tray with tactile motion control, includes 4 rotary hoses with Midwest connection and suction. It also includes triple syringe: water, air and spray. Linak electromechanical system with upwards, downwards movements, being able to control the phantom from the tray or from the pedal. The LED lamp with articulated arm allows the position in any operating area without interference.

Built-in vacuum system (no need for external vacuum unit).


- Measures: 1200x640x900 mm.

- Power supply: 220V / AC ± 22V, 50HZ ± 1HZ.

- Power: 150W.

- Current: 3.2A

- Fuse: 5x20, 6.3A.

- Compressor displacement: 55L / min.

- Input pressure: 500KPa-800KPa.

- Water inlet pressure: 200kPa - 400kPa

- Total weight of the equipment: 50kg ± 5kg.

Conditions for transport and storage:

- Ambient temperature: -40 °C - + 55 °C.

- Relative humidity: 10% - 90%

- Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa 106kPa.

Conditions for its operation:

- Ambient temperature: 5 °C - 40 °C

- Relative humidity: ≤80%

Ref. 0904008


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