Suction mouth for workstation


The accessory will allow the prosthetist to work comfortably in his laboratory workstation. The product can be used from two positions: with the nozzle facing forward or inward.

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Suction mouth for workstation

This product will allow the prosthetistto work comfortably in his/her positions work at the laboratory.

This accessory should be installed on a flat, level and smooth base, so that the equipment remain stable during the work.

This product can be used from two positions:

- The first one,seting it on the table by the clamp with the suction mouth in front of the professional.

- The second one,setingit on the table by the clamp or suction nozzle on the edge of the countertop.


Characteristics and benefits:

- Base made of carbon steel with electrostatic paint resistant to rust.

- Case made of high impact polyethylene.

- Vision panel manufactured in transparent acrylic.

- Clamp for fasting on any type of laboratory table.

- It can be used in two positions.

- LED light.

- Connection of the suction tube with rotary adjustment in the position of exit.

- Feet of silicone.

- Easy change of the work position.

- Easy change of the acrylic screen.

- Low cost of replacement parts.



- Adjustable coupling nozzle.

- 12v power supply.

- Clamp for fasting the table on.

- Base.

- Protection

- LED lighting.

- Acrylic screen.

- 12V source connector.


Technical characteristics:

- Liquid weight: 0.610Kg.

- Gross weight: 0.980Kg

- Automatic bivolt power supply: 100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz 12v / 1A

- LED: 12V / 0.5A

- Voltage: automatic bivolt 100-240VAC.

- Dimensions: 240mm x 200mm x 170mm.


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