- Normative ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13458: 2003 and ISO 11137-1: 2006.

- Capacity 13000L.

Ref. U0076

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What is exactly Legionella?

It is a disease caused by an elongated bacteria known as Legionella pneumophilia. It is a type of bacteria that survives at low temperatures and multiplies rapidly in nutritious environments created by biofilms and sediments. It can be easily spread by water or air. In addition, it is shown to be more widely propagated in aerosols such as taps, shower heads, or elements combining air/water in the form of spray, such as rotary instruments used in dental clinics, by making turbines and counter angles a means of risk contagion. Legionella bacteria enter the lungs by inhaling small drops of water that can occur during treatments. It can go unnoticed, but it can cause a serious infection and even be fatal. It is necessary that these bacteria be eliminated and one of the forms, is using our filters.

The Bader® filters are specially designed for the protection and prevention of nosocomial infections caused by water pathogens, such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, Serratia, Aspergillus, among others. It is increasingly important to ensure that the water we use in dental treatments is safe and not contaminated by microbes, bacteria or biofilms. Therefore, our filters produce sterile grade water.

- Characteristics:

            - Capacity 13000L

            - Immunize against water pathogens in general.

            - Filters any type of bacteria greater than 0.075 µm.

- Technical data:

- They comply with ISO 9001:2008.

- Type of membrane: double layer of hollow fiber polysulfide.

- Membrane values: 0.075 µm and water flow rate 10L/min at 1.5 - 3 bars.

- Material of the filter housing: ABS of medical type.

- 62.000 cm² of hollow fiber in the filtration area.

- Maximum conditions of use:

- From 1.5 to 25 bars at 60ºC.

- 70ºC for 30 minutes.

- 300 ppm of chlorine for 12h.


- Where does it places?

It can be placed in any dental equipment, it is universal, but we always recommend to do it at the entrance of the water of the armchair.

- When I have to change my Legionella filter?

Has a duration of approximately two years or a filter capacity of 13000L. This duration is approximate, it will always depend on the water quality and the use of dental clinics.

- Is it necessary a technician to install it?

No, a specialist technician isn’t required in order to perform a correct installation.

- Is it disposable?

Yes, it’s completely disposable. Like the amalgam filter, this type of filter should be replaced by a new filter after the established time and/or capacity of liters of filter specified in each filter.

- What’s the difference between the 5000L Legionella Filter and the 13000L Filter?        

Apart from the difference in liters, there is another great difference between the two. The 5000L Legionella filter allows nano filtration (a technique applied for water purification, the removal of organic substances, etc.) by incorporating a 5-10 µm carbon filter.

Ref. U0076

Brand BADER.

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