Baking soda Bader


  • Baking soda: NaHCO3 and flavouring substances.
  • Weight: 200 gr.

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Baking soda Bader

Composition: NaHCO3 and flavouring substances.

Technical information:

- Baking soda is a white, crystalline, extra-fine powder used for oral prophylaxis and for the removal of bacterial plaque. Its mechanical action eliminates organic materials and promotes a cleaning through the spray formed by the union of dust (sodium bicarbonate), water and air.
- Weight: 200 gr.

Instructions for use:
1. Fill in the air polisher tank in accordance with the instructions of each manufacturer.
2. Carry out prophylaxis with the air polisher, as recommended by each manufacturer.

Special Care:
Wear protective glasses (for the professional and the patient). Discard the product in accordance with local legislation, ensuring its complete decaacterization to avoid reuse and environmental damage.

- Do not use products outside their validity date.
- Keep the product away from children.
- Exclusive use for dental professionals.

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