Portable dental irrigator


  • Indicated for cleaning oral areas that the toothbrush cannot reach.

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Portable dental irrigator

This product uses a combination of high pressure and pulse flow technology. The water pulp dental irrigator can clean the areas between the teeth and gums where the traditional toothbrush cannot reach and, therefore, achieve good oral hygiene. In addition, the flow of pulsed water promotes the blood circulation of the gums and improves their health.

Adequate wash mode:

When using this device, lower your head, bend over, place the tip in your mouth, open your mouth slightly, point at the teeth and rinse each tooth along the gum line. Focus on cleaning the hidden areas, such as the alveolar groove and wisdom teeth, so that the water comes out of the mouth or spits naturally. Do not stand or open your mouth to avoid splashing water.

Technical characteristics: 

- Voltage: 100V-240V.

- Frecuency 50-60Hz.

Ref. 09070105

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