Aspiration unit with amalgam separator


The aspiration unit has been designed for the generation of a vacuum for the suction of saliva, rinse water and other fluids.

It has a higher suction capacity than Unit 300 and is valid for more teams (from 2 to 3).

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Aspiration unit with amalgam separator

VS is the abbreviation used to designate the VACUUM AND SEPARATION units. The VS suction units are called wet systems because the suction and separation for the entire consultation is carried out centrally in a suction machine. The suction unit has been designed to generate a vacuum for the suction of saliva, water from rinse and other fluids, which are produced in a dental office during treatment, and which are going to be led to the drain.

Integrated ventilation nozzle that ensures maximum constant suction capacity.

It incorporates a watertight vacuum chamber, which prevents infection by bacteria.

Sound level 58 dB, therefore it can be installed in small dental clinics without worrying about being disturbed by its sound.

High quality electric motor, continuous duty operation, rotation speed 2900 r.p.m.


Maximum liquid flow 3.9 l / min. in the surgical suction cannula.
Central vacuum machine for 2 workstations.
No drainage required at the base of the dental unit.
Air / water separation is produced by aspiration
A single central drain in the engine room.
Technical data:

Number of places: 2-3
Suction flow: 500L / m
Number of positions with 60% alternation: 3 jobs with 2 simultaneous ones
Sound level: 58 dBA With solids separator
Electrical performance (kW) 0.58 - 0.68
Voltage (V) 230 (1 ~)
Frequency (Hz) 50
With electronic switchboard.
Maximum depression: -39KPa
Rotation speed: 2900 R.P.M.
Size: 40x47x58 cm
Weight: 28kg.


This amalgam filter separator is designed to be used together with the Unit 600 wet ring suction unit. It is not an electrical product and therefore does not require any type of power supply. It is easy to install, for it several accessories are included that adapt to each type of installation.


Approval: EN ISO11143: 2002-12.
It is 100% recyclable.
Easy to adjust.
Small and compact.
Does not require maintenance.
No running costs.
Up to two years of use without being recycled.
Technical data:

Height: 44 cm.
Diameter: 25 cm.
Supplied with all the necessary accessories.
2 meters of hose.
4 hose clips.
Separation efficiency: 96.5%
Efficiency with maximum flow: 96.3%

Ref. 09070074

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