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The ideal cart for dental clinic

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Having a dental auxiliary cart facilitates your transfer during consultations, making your transfer faster and smoother during the consultation. This is not only positive for the dentist, but also for the client to perceive a professional and satisfactory work treatment.

Ideal operating light for dental clinic

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At Bader we always like to adapt to the situation of each client, that is why on our website you can enter all the possibilities of operating lights for dental clinics.
Dental students use typodonts or models, which are more precise and complex reproductions, which are used for study and first contact of dental students in carrying out practices before going to clinics.

Dental equipment and types of trays - Bader

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Dental equipment is an essential element within your dental clinic, therefore, having adequate equipment is essential for both you and the patient. We have different dentist trays according to the interests of each professional.
When we want to buy a stool to work in our dental clinic, it is not a decision that we should take lightly, since it is the place where we will be sitting the longest throughout our working day.
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