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BADER WEEK 2021 Promotions - Black Friday

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Black Friday 2021 offers for clinics and laboratories of BADER products.

New Product Category for Surgery

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We have been bringing new instruments for surgery for many years, such as scissors, scalpels, hammers, suction hoses, tweezers, explorers, magnifying glasses, curettes, cutters, etc. A list of surgical instruments that you cannot miss.

New Halloween promotions

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To celebrate the holiday of Halloween we have decided to make new promotions. Here we mention some of the most outstanding products of our new Halloween catalog.
The cold has arrived and the new promotions too! This autumn-winter season, we have prepared a lot of different offers, new products, new prices, etc. Here, on this blog, we'll tell you what's new so you don't forget any!

Unboxing: Bader® composite heater

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This week we present the unboxing of the Bader® Composite Heater. It allows to heat syringes and tips at 40ºC and 50ºC; And thanks to its size and weight, it is ideal for any job. Take a look and don't miss a thing!
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