Unboxing: Bader® composite heater

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This week we present the unboxing of the Bader® Composite Heater. It allows to heat syringes and tips at 40ºC and 50ºC; And thanks to its size and weight, it is ideal for any job. Take a look and don't miss a thing!

Clinic and laboratory news

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At Bader® we always look for the best solutions for you. Therefore, we are constantly searching for new products that make your work easier. Whether you have a clinic or a laboratory, read on and get the latest news. There are products for all tastes!

Back to school with Fantasía Dental®!

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Summer is over and we're back to routine. Mia and Gus already have their backpack ready to start the course with the most fun material, Fantasía Dental®! It is very important to teach little ones how to take care of their teeth and with this material they will find it to be a lot of fun. Make them lose their fear of the dentist and make their visit to your clinic unforgettable. In the following video, we present the full range of school materi
At Bader® we work every day to offer you the best service and the best quality. This time, we want to present the entire range of stools that we have at your disposal so that you can customize your clinic or laboratory and work as comfortably as possible.