Dental equipment and types of trays - Bader

Dental equipment and types of trays - Bader

Without a doubt, dental equipment is an essential element within your dental clinic, therefore, having adequate equipment is essential both for you and for the patient.

When we talk about good dental equipment, we mean safety, comfort and durability. These are the features that any dental team needs, but we could also add “adaptability”. A term that we will talk about later.

That the equipment provides comfort to the patient is a very important handicap, since in the end, the patient is the one who will decide whether to return to our dental clinic or not.

In addition, giving the patient a good experience is essential, so that the patient loses that irrational fear that many children and adults have.

Obviously, we must also think about the comfort of the dentist, who is going to spend hours working with this equipment. If your postural health is good and you are comfortable, you are guaranteed to obtain better results.

If the dentist can choose his equipment and adapt it to his needs, he will make this a much more functional equipment, which is why we are now going to talk about an “adaptable” equipment.

As we know, there are different types of trays, in Bader brand equipment we give you the option to choose the tray that best suits your style:


- System of hanging hoses with 6 seats as standard.
- Touch control keypad with 3 programming levels and 3 programmable work positions.
- Control of the LED lamp, water from the glass and automatic sweeping of the spittoon.
- Luzzani Minilight type triple water-air-spray syringe.
- 2 Drive Air midwest 6 hoses with LED light.
- Pneumatic micromotor.
- Electronic ultrasonic scaler with EMS/Satelec compatible LED light.
- Pressure switch (one per hose).
- Water/air hose regulation system in accessible tray.
- Plastic tray to place instruments.
- Pneumatic brake with AISI316 stainless steel handle.
- Silicone hose rest.
- LED negatoscope and LCD screen with movement indicator.


- Colibri system of 5 standard poles.
- Programmable positions.
- Touch control button panel with different programmable work memories. Control of the led lamp, water in the glass and automatic sweeping of the spittoon.
- Triple water-air-spray syringe
- 2 Drive air midwest 6 hoses with LED light
- 1 Hose with pneumatic micromotor with midwest 4 connection
- Electronic ultrasonic scaler with EMS compatible LED light.
- Simple efficiency automatisms. Unique pressure switch.
- Water-air hose regulation system in accessible tray.
- Negatoscope


The BADER® surgical cart provides you with a great service by dispensing a complete package of instruments in a comfortable and accessible way. In this way, you will be able to work with an armchair that does not have a water group and without the need for independent elements and modules.


Instrument tray:

-Hanging hose system with 5 hoses.
-Triple water-air-spray syringe
-1 hose with midwest 4 connection (Optional induction micromotor)
-2 Drive air midwest 6 hoses with LED light
-1 electronic ultrasound with EMS compatible LED light.
-Polymerizing lamp (optional).

If you want to see all the features, you can click here to see our Bader Surgical Cart.

Depending on your interests or comforts, you can choose the equipment with the tray that you like the most, since at Bader we work to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

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