What dental stool to buy and basic characteristics BADER

What dental stool to buy and basic characteristics BADER

When we want to buy a stool to work in our dental clinic, it is not a decision that we should take lightly, since it is the place where we will be sitting the longest throughout our working day.

A perfect stool is the one that gives you good postural health and prevents injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Having pain, discomfort, or poor posture can cause difficulties when treating the patient, which will become a negative for your business.

There are different types of stools, but without a doubt, the ergonomic stool is the ideal one if you want to provide a good job to your client.

Its ease of adaptation to each body, different positions available, the shape of the chair, are small details that make the difference.

Therefore, what 4 basic characteristics should a perfect stool for a dental clinic have?

• Not to mention something as basic as posture, in a dental clinic we need extreme cleaning. For this reason, all stools should have a very good quality material to be able to clean them easily.
• A reduced diameter of the support cross that will facilitate the mobility of the professional.
• Wheels designed to correct alignment and move quickly and safely around the room.
• A backrest prepared to protect and promote blood flow, achieving maximum support for the spine.

After this brief introduction, we are going to talk about the stools that we have at Bader, manufactured especially for the area of ​​dentistry, always favoring postural health and the comfort of the dentist.

Within our portfolio of products we have a great variety, shapes, personalized colors, characteristics, so we are going to show you the favorites of our clients.

Here we are going to name very briefly some of its features, but you can click on the links to access each of them.

• Let's start by talking about the “Bader Stool with backrest” without a doubt, one of the most chosen stools by dental professionals, due to its ergonomic design and wide range of adjustments, adapting to any posture or body. It is made with high quality materials and maximum durability, with three layers. Composed of a microfiber, a flex comfort foam cushion and a support frame.

• Another of your great favorites is the "Bader dental clinic stool" with a more different model, but extremely comfortable. It is also an ergonomic dental stool. Its seamless design is prepared for easy cleaning. Like the previous one, it also has 3 layers.

• Another that never fails is our stool "Flex Stool Clinical Dentist Stool", this stool is included in the purchase of our dental equipment. It stands out thanks to its great seating comfort, with a backrest that can be adjusted to your back.

• Finally, we want to show you the "Comfort plus stool clinical dentist stool", it is one of the latest stools that we have added to our list of products, but without a doubt a great success, either because of its modern and different model, or because of its comfort and quality of materials.

These are only four of the models of dental stools that we have, but our list of stools is larger, so do not hesitate to visit our website to see all its characteristics and shapes in a more specific way.

See more stools.

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