Too much dust in your work area?

Too much dust in your work area?

When we work in a dental laboratory, the bulk of our work is with products that generate waste, whether they are organic solids, inorganic solids, contaminated disposable material, etc.

On many occasions, these generated residues can be toxic, or generate a lot of dirt in our work area.

For this reason, in every dental laboratory or even dental clinic, a refinish cabin is essential, to carry out the most routine tasks that can produce large amounts of dust and dirt, such as refinishing, polishing, etc.

The use of a dressing cabin is very simple, and furthermore, it does not require any type of assembly. If we have a power outlet nearby, we would already have it ready to work.

Once plugged in, we just have to get to work, almost all of them come with LED light included, to be able to better see the work we are doing, since in most cases we need a lot of precision to do a good job.

In the holes where we put our hands, we have some rubber bands with which we ensure that the dust does not come out of the review chamber or cabin, with which we ensure that no speck of dust escapes anywhere.

Today, we are going to present you a very interesting cabin, due to its power and small size, where any area of ​​your laboratory will be a good place to use it.

The BADER review cabin has a double suction system and a large capacity HEPA filter that will be in charge of trapping all the dust and abrasive efficiently.

Designed to facilitate your work with the use of abrasive equipment such as micro-sandblasters or micro-motors, the BADER work chamber will allow you to keep your work space clean and clear, since, thanks to its design and technology, it will be able to collect all the dust derived from abrasion, thus keeping your work area intact.

On the other hand, its shadowless lighting system, will allow you to observe the result of your work at every moment and with total precision.


  • Built-in LED light with shadowless "Shadowless" lighting system.
  • High capacity HEPA filter.
  • Double suction system for more power.
  • Strong and sturdy case. Not easy to tip over.
  • Large window for a wide view of the working area.
  • Spacious interior design for comfortable working posture.

Technical features:

  • Material: Stainless steel painted with epoxy paint.
  • Weight: 4.9kg
  • Size: 25x28x20.5cm

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