More fun and versatile orthodontic holder boxes!

More fun and versatile orthodontic holder boxes!

More fun and versatile orthodontic holder boxes!

This time we are going to talk about our device holder boxes or dental prosthesis holders, a very important product for dental clinics that laboratories can also use on their workstation.

I'm sure you know that these boxes are for transporting or storing your braces, your dentures, products for whitening, bruxism, topical applications of fluoride gel, sports mouthguards and anything else you see comfortable.

Some conditions of use that we give are to store the product in a closed and contamination-free place, and there are no special conditions of temperature and humidity.

Easy to use: Easy and smooth opening and closing.

At Bader we have several models of boxes that can have different uses, below we show you which ones:

Orthodontic boxes:


Orthodontic boxes with mirror:

Prothesis boxes:

Prothesis boxes with bruch and mirror:

Click on each box for information about colors and quantities.

Our device or denture holder boxes are perfect for storing your devices and we have several types of boxes that adapt to all tastes, from simple boxes, to boxes with drawings, or inspiring phrases.

Represent your personality with our boxes and find the one that best identifies you.

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