The most efficient decanters on the market

The most efficient decanters on the market

The most efficient decanters on the market

This week we are going to talk about our decanters, an essential product for your dental clinic or laboratory.

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Surely you know that the decanter is used to pour the residual materials in the process of trimming models and also isolates the bad odours that these can cause.

Before continuing, it is important to know that in many autonomous communities in Spain it is compulsory.

At BADER, we have two models, rectangular and circular, but today we are going to focus more on the rectangular decanter.

It has a capacity of 16 litres, and as I mentioned before, our decanters have an airtight seal to prevent the spread of bad smells caused by waste.

It is quite light, weighing only 2.5 kilos. It measures 29 cm high, 28 cm wide and 38 cm long.

How is it installed?

Once assembled, all that remains is the installation, which is really very simple. It comes with connectors for the water inlet and outlet.

As we have just seen, we place it under the sink, connect the outlet of the sink to the decanter and the outlet of the decanter to a drain, and we are ready to start working!

Frequently asked questions:

Can I plug the decanters into my regular tap?

- Yes, the decanters are specifically designed for use with a normal tap.

How big is the diameter of the tube to be plugged into a basin?

- The measurements are 2,9 cm.

Does it come with a plastic bag?

- No, it does not come with a bag as the one used is a very conventional bag.

Is the assembly difficult?

- No, once everything is assembled. You only have to put the connectors, as we show in the video. It takes 1 minute to install.

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