New Product Category for Surgery

New Product Category for Surgery

New category of products for operating rooms

Bader®️ is constantly evolving and for this reason, this time we bring an entire category dedicated to surgery products. This category is designed to facilitate any surgeon when carrying out their work. We bring ergonomic, innovative products with a fully functional and modern design.

We have been bringing new instruments for surgery for many years, such as scissors, scalpels, hammers, suction hoses, tweezers, explorers, magnifying glasses, curettes, cutters, etc. A list of surgical instruments that you cannot miss.

We are currently evolving our category for surgeons with equipment that includes a surgical dental chair, medical furniture, portable surgical aspirator and a surgical lamp. Below this blog, you can find some frequently asked questions (FAQ'S) that you may have about our products.

Portable surgical dental aspiration

The surgical suction system is a device used for the buccal, nasal and tracheal aspiration of bodily fluids (mucus), both in adults and children.

Given the design of the surgical fluid aspirator with the Portable Hemosuctor, we can have comfortable and flexible equipment that will facilitate our work in the operating room. Furthermore, the dental aspiration systems can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as emergency services. See product

Mr. Light Led surgical lamp

The Mr. Light surgical dental lights is an essential element in any operating room, as it can be fixed to the ceiling at any point in the operating area, allowing the patient to be illuminated locally without interfering with their comfort during any intervention.

One of the main features of the led ceiling surgical light is the dilution of shadow, that is, the light's ability to minimize the effect of obstructions, making it the main difference between a compact operating light and a normal clinic lamp. See product

Bader Surgical Dental Chair:

The oral surgical chair is essential for any dental surgery room, offering a design adapted to the most complicated practices with the possibility of adapting to the posture required to perform the intervention.

This dental chair for surgery facilitates work and increases the comfort of the worker and the patient, and is special for all operating rooms. See product

Surgical cabinet with mobile trolleys:

The surgical furniture with mobile carts is essential to facilitate day-to-day work. Designed with two independent mobile carts with 3 trays each. In addition, each of them incorporates two schuko plugs where you can connect all the necessary equipment. See product 

Technical Faq's:

Mr. Light

  • Can I install it on a real ceiling as well as on a false ceiling?

The lamp comes perfectly equipped to be installed on both real and false ceilings.

  • What is the size of the lamp?

It has a vertical length of 910 mm and a width of 1200 mm.

Surgical sillón

  • Can I install it anywhere in my clinic?

The BADER surgical chair has been specially designed for the maximum comfort of the doctor in surgical interventions, therefore, and to make his work as easy as possible, a comfortable and practical piece of equipment has been developed without neglecting quality and design.

  • Which elements of the chair make the doctor's work easier?

The chair integrates a pedal at the base of its structure, which makes it very accessible. Besides, the equipment has a simple but powerful operating light, which makes it an ideal complement.

The trolley includes all the instruments necessary for the intervention, a tray of photographic instruments, a pedal to regulate the chair and the use of the rotary ones, as well as a tactile control like the one on the right side of the chair.

Surgery cabinet

  • What are the dimensions of the unit and its modules?

The measurements are 155 x 52 x 85 cm.

  • I will use the trolleys to store and use the surgical material, can I use it comfortably?

The trolleys integrated into the cabinet allow for the use of the equipment, since there is enough space on the upper tray (~15cm) and between the trays. In addition, each trolley integrates two plugs to power all the equipment you need.

Surgical suction

  • I want to use it inside the doctor's office and it is important that it is quiet. Does it make a lot of noise?

The suction can be perfectly used inside the office since the noise is <50dB.

  • Can I connect the suction directly to the drain?

Perfectly! The unit is fully prepared to be connected directly to the drain. Remember, however, that the equipment has a tank where the solid waste is stored and that it must be emptied when full.

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