Back to school with Fantasía Dental®!

Back to school with Fantasía Dental®!

Summer is over and we're back to routine. Mia and Gus already have their backpack ready to start the course with the most fun material, Fantasía Dental®!

It is very important to teach little ones how to take care of their teeth and with this material they will find it to be a lot of fun. Make them lose their fear of the dentist and make their visit to your clinic unforgettable. In the following video, we present the full range of school materials:

In our Fantasy Dental® catalog, we have a special section for that: "Let's go to school". Here you will find school supplies and stationery such as light pens, markers, underscores..., with super colorful and striking drawings, ideal for accompanying children during their learning time.



  •  Erasers:  We all make small mistakes, why not erase them in the most original way possible? From sharks to funny emojis ... choose the design that you like the most!

  •  Pens and markers:  Let your imagination fly with these colored pens and markers. Some even have fruity scents!

  • Pencil sharpener:  Collect all the faces and choose your mood each day.

  •  Kits with pencil and eraser:  Do not miss anything! If you don't want to opt for just one product ... choose them all! Each one has something special, take a look and choose the one you like the most.

Access the complete catalog of Fantasía Dental® to see all the products of the most original pediatric dentistry line!


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