A compressor is a device with the capability to generate compressed air and store it in a tank, at the right pressure for it to be used whenever it can be needed. 

Choosing a suitable compressor for your dental clinic can be a difficult task. On the market, we can find a wide range of possibilities that can make it even harder. 


However, how important is a compressor for a dental clinic? Daily, dentists use a variety of instruments essential for different dental treatments and, in this case, compressors allow the correct functioning of many of them. 

The first characteristic that needs to be taken into account is that the compressor chosen is OIL FREE. In the dental sector hygiene is a key factor; therefore, it is not recommended to use compressors lubricated with oil, as these particles will stay in the air and may get in the patients mouth.

The second key feature will depend on the humidity of the place where the compressor is installed. If the location is very humid, a compressor with blow-dryer should be used. On the other hand, if the location is very dry, blow-dryer won't be necessary.

Finally, the last characteristic that should be taken into account is the airflow. Depending on the number of dental units we have, it is important to check that the airflow is enough for the air supply for all the units that will be working at the same time. 

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Compressors for up to two dental units:

Compressors for more than two dental units: 

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