Do you already know our instrumental offers?

Do you already know our instrumental offers?

Instrumental is essential for any odontology professional to carry out their daily treatments on the most efficient way.

We have a wide range of instrumental products for different treatments, both for clinic and laboratory. 


Appart from the different instrumental categories, on this post we want to introduce our sterilizable products; those that go into the patient's mouth, but can be reused after an sterilization process, do you know them?

Mirrors. Used to clearly watch all the oral cavity.

Syringes. To apply anesthesia. 

Explorer. Allows to touch and inspect all the different tooth parts before a treatment. 

Forceps. Allowing to grab small parts and separate oral tissues to ease the access to the different oral cavity parts.

Probes. Used for precise measurements.

Pliers. For working with prosthetics as well as orthodontics, used to cut, bend and press.

Burs. SUsed to cut the dental structure. 

Spatulas. Used to mix materials such as cements or composite for different techniques.

You can find a wide selection of instrumental on our website, and choose the one that best adapts to your needs. On top of this, you can take advantage of our 8 + 2 promotion, where you can find many different items.


A dental prosthetic is the person responsible for design and fabrication of many different dental pieces such as prosthetics, splints, impression trays... But could as well be defined as an artist, a craftsman. 

Among the instrumental that these professionals need we find: impression trays, articulators, zhales, PK Thomas, brushes, spatulas... 

In Bader® we have everything you may need to carry out your daily work on the comfiest way with the most complete instruments. On top of this, just like for clinic, with the  8 + 2 offer you can get ready with the most economic tools.

It doesn't matter if you are a dentist or a prosthetic, we have everything you need!