Discover our weekly news!

Discover our weekly news!

This week, as a novelty, our blog entry is dedicated to two products that we incorporate in the "Clinic Equipment" and "Laboratory Equipment" section of the new Clinic and Laboratory brochures. Below we will explain these products that we incorporate into the new edition of the brochures in order to offer a wide variety of articles.

The first of these dental mixing machine (Ref. 09070011) or amalgamator. This equipment is essential in any dental clinic that performs restorations. Its main function is to mix amalgam, this material is the result of mercury alloy with other metals such as silver, tin, copper, zinc or gold.

Dental mixing machine produces a fast and uniform vibration that makes the amalgam mix in a controlled and constant way, making the restorations in the patient of higher quality. The main advantage of the dental mixing machine is that its use instead of the manual method not only facilitates the task, but also reduces mercury contamination levels, so that people's health is not affected.


- Programmable mixing time: 1- 99 seconds.

- Oscillation frequency: 4200/min.

- Silent, stable operation.

- Includes locking cap.

- Power: 180W.

- Plastic fork for any type of capsule.

- Dimensions: 250 x 220 x 150 mm.

- Consumption: 200 VA.

- Type of protection against electric shock: Class II.

- Power: AC 100-240V - 50 / 60Hz.

- Net weight: 3.8 kg.


Another essential product for equipping prosthetics and orthodontic laboratories is the laser pin drill (Ref. 09060094). This product has been designed to drill holes in exact positions for fixing the different pin systems used in the dental technique.

Láser pin taladro


It has a simple, silent and vibration-free operation. The change and adjustment of milling cutter is very easy so they make this machine the ideal tool for pin individualization.

One of the advantages of this product is that the laser positioned at the top allows the location to be drilled to be marked with amazing precision.


- Voltage: 230 VAC 50 / 60Hz.

- Speed: 14000 rpm.

- Power: 180 W.

*Includes a drill.

Both products require maintenance and cleaning throughout their use, so we recommend that you carefully read the instructions for each of them before use.

If you have any questions about these products you can contact us through this blog by writing a comment (in the "Leave a reply" section) or in those Social Networks in which we are present (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Youtube y LinkedIn). In any case, you can also call us at (+34) 986 190 307 (+351 211 156 082 from Portugal), write to us on WhatsApp at (+34) 698 91 72 78 or send us an email to


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