News of the week!

News of the week!

After a few weeks without making any post on this blog today we want to get back to normal. It is known to all that we are living a situation unprecedented on a global level caused by the coronavirus. Currently our country is one of the ones that is suffering the most from this unprecedented health crisis so from the whole team of Bader, we want to convey our support, strength and encouragement to all the health workers who are working tirelessly to take care of all of us.

We inform you that we are trying to continue our activity normally as far as possible and, to this end, this week we show you two novelties this spring. These are two new products: the 23L autoclave and the pneumatic hammer. The first is essential in any dental clinic to ensure the sterilization and elimination of microorganisms that cause infections, the class B autoclave with a capacity of 23L for disinfecting instruments and materials used in professional dental practice. The second of the products that we show you this week is the air chisel, used for a quick and effective emptying of models in the dental laboratory.

Below we explain in more detail the characteristics and functionalities of both products:

Autoclave 23L (Ref. 09070095):

Some time ago we dedicated a blog post to the whole line of autoclaves. Here we explain the sterilization process and the different types of autoclaves as well as the differences that exist between them.

This model of autoclaves is class B, this means that they can sterilize any type of instruments: porous materials with blind holes, bagged instruments and textile elements. This model of autoclaves carry out the emptying and drying of the bagged instruments allowing their storage after sterilization. Therefore, they are the most recommended for dental clinics, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

We wanted to continue to expand this product line with the Bader 23L autoclave, ideal for the sterilization of products used especially in clinics, hospitals, laboratories, etc. Uses a microprocessor with intelligent control system and humanistic interface operating in an easy, safe and comfortable way. The parameters and conditions for the autoclave are transmitted on the screen during the process. To ensure sterilization is accurate, the machine will perform self-diagnostics and self-protection in cases of overheating or high pressure temperatures. The interior of the autoclave has a condensed water collector that prevents steam that could contaminate the environment.


The existence of an integrated data logger allows the storing of sterilization cycles on a USB flash drive without the use of cables or external equipment.

The thermal printer can be connected to the sterilizer to print barcodes.

As a Class B autoclave, it performs a drying cycle at the end of the sterilization process, leaving the instruments ready for use.


- Capacity: 23 liters.

- Camera dimensions: 25cm diameter x 45cm bottom.

- Autoclave dimensions: 51cm wide x 65cm long x 52cm high (no extended screen 40cm high)

- Display: LCD.

- Lock: electric + mechanical.

- Power supply: 220V/50hZ 2.4KW

- USB connection.

- Tank water quality sensor.

- Safety valve.

- Thermal printer.

- Net weight: 53,5 Kg.

- Gross weight: 55,5 Kg.


Thor Air Chisel (Ref. 09060017):

Another product that we want to promote this week is the air chisel because after a time without stock, we have it again available.

The air chisel guarantees a quick and effective emptying of models. It is used to:

- Separate the metal bases from the models that will be transported for the articulator.

- Remove the muffle in whole or in part from the prostheses.

The main advantage of this product is that it eliminates the use of the hammer and screwdriver for the removal of the muffle reducing the risk of failure of the prosthesis.

The body of the air chisel is made of steel with the flat tip used for opening metal and microwave muffles. The design is very careful with the aim of reducing to the maximum the intensity of vibrations and the sound level. And it also has three tips of different sizes for an effective emptying of models.

In the following video you will see below, we present all the details:


- Maximum working pressure: 1.0MPa (10.2kgf/cm2)

-Operating pressure: 0,49-8,38 atm.

-Weight: 190 grs.

-Size: 145 cm.

-Control of air flow.

-Quick connection to compressor.

-Includes three chisels of different shapes and sizes.

-Complies with the requirements of Directive 73/23/EEC and Mechanics 89/336/EEC


Remember that any of our products can be purchased through the distributors you will find in the following map:

mapa distribuidores bader

If you have any questions, you can contact us through this blog by writing a comment or in those social networks in which we are present (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn). In any case, you can also call us at +34 986 190 307 (+351 211 156 082 from Portugal), write us by whatsapp to +34 698 91 72 78 or send us an email to



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