Improve the quality of your clinic's water!

Improve the quality of your clinic's water!

This week we present you our new department, water technology. It incorporates products of the highest quality for the care and improvement of the water and, in addition, they have a very competitive price as, for example, our amalgam filters.

As a novelty and outstanding product of the week, we bring you the Legionella Filters. But… what is exactly Legionella? It is a disease caused by an elongated bacteria known as Legionella pneumophilia. It is a type of bacteria that survives at low temperatures and multiplies rapidly in nutritious environments created by biofilms and sediments. It can be easily spread by water or air. In addition, it is shown to be more widely propagated in aerosols such as taps, shower heads, or elements combining air/water in the form of spray, such as rotary instruments used in dental clinics, by making turbines and counter angles a means of risk contagion. Legionella bacteria enter the lungs by inhaling small drops of water that can occur during treatments. It can go unnoticed, but it can cause a serious infection and even be fatal. It is necessary that these bacteria be eliminated and one of the forms, is using our filters.

Why are we telling you this? From Bader we want to help you provide impeccable service in terms of water treatment. The Bader® filters are specially designed for the protection and prevention of nosocomial infections caused by water pathogens, such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, Serratia, Aspergillus, among others. It is increasingly important to ensure that the water we use in dental treatments is safe and not contaminated by microbes, bacteria or biofilms. Therefore, our filters produce sterile grade water.

They have a durability of 5000L (Ref. U0077) or 13000L (Ref. U0076). Usually a dental equipment consumes between 4500 and 5000 liters per year so that the filter of Legionella of 5000 liters will have a duration of approximately 1 year while that of 13000 liters will have a duration of approximately 2 years. These indications are relative since it depends on the use of each dental clinic.

One of the differentiating elements of these filters is their ability to immunize against water pathogens in general. Both filters are not only capable of filtering this type of bacteria but any other type of pathogen greater than 0.075 µm, biofilms and sediments. The water generated by this type of filter is sterile grade water (type of water that does not contain any type of microorganism).


- Where does it places?

It can be placed in any dental equipment, it is universal, but we always recommend to do it at the entrance of the water of the armchair.

- When I have to change my Legionella filter?

As we mentioned earlier each Legionella filter has a different duration:

- Legionella Filter 13000L (Ref. U076), has a duration of approximately two years or a filter capacity of 13000L.

- Legionella Filter 5000L (Ref. U077), has a duration of approximately one year or a filter capacity of 5000L.

These durations are approximate, it will always depend on the water quality and the use of dental clinics.

- Is it necessary a technician to install it?

In the case of the Legionella filter of 5000L (U0077) a specialized technician is necessary to be able to perform a correct installation however for the Legionella filter of 13000L (U0076) a technician would not be necessary.

- Is it disposable?

Yes, it’s completely disposable. Like the amalgam filter, this type of filter should be replaced by a new filter after the established time and/or capacity of liters of filter specified in each filter.

- What’s the difference between the 5000L Legionella Filter and the 13000L Filter?     

Apart from the difference in liters, there is another great difference between the two. The 5000L Legionella filter allows nano filtration (a technique applied for water purification, the removal of organic substances, etc.) by incorporating a 5-10 µm carbon filter.

Both filters are tested for membrane integrity and tightness, and are also designed to mark the standards in ISO 13458: 2003 and ISO 11137-1:2006.

- Technical data:

- They comply with ISO 9001:2008.

- Type of membrane: double layer of hollow fiber polysulfide.

- Membrane values: 0.075 µm and water flow rate 10L/min at 1.5 - 3 bars.

- Material of the filter housing: ABS of medical type.

- 62.000 cm² of hollow fiber in the filtration area.

- Maximum conditions of use:

- From 1.5 to 25 bars at 60ºC.

- 70ºC for 30 minutes.

- 300 ppm of chlorine for 12h.

Another filter that we have in our product catalog for some time is the Filter separator of amalgam (Ref. U0058). We incorporate this product due to the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2017/852 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017. These European regulations require the placement of these devices for the retention of amalgam from 1 January 2019:

"... As from 1 January 2019, dental cabinet operators using dental amalgam or removing dental amalgam fillings or removing teeth containing dental amalgam shall ensure that their cabinets have amalgam separators to retain and collect the amalgam particles, including those contained in used water."

This model of amalgam filter for aspiration and dental equipment presents a very compact design, easy to install, universal and with various accessories to adapt to different vacuum systems. It has been specially designed for the complete recovery and separation of mercury from dental amalgam. The BADER® amalgam vacuum filter and dental equipment exceeds all international requirements for the safe disposal of mercury. Without electronic components or maintenance, easy to operate and also avoids the accumulation of amalgam and other restrictive materials in pipes and vacuum system.

- Characteristics:

- Compact size 25,5 cm x 10,2 cm.

- The amalgam filter presents a compact design so that it can be installed alongside the dental equipment or in a small space in the dental cabinet.

- It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

- Includes 6 fittings to adapt to the different tubes of vacuum systems. Measurements: 14, 18 and 25mm.

- Maximum separation efficiency: 99.9%.

- Separation performance: > 99.6%

- Approval: EN ISO 11143:2008.

In this new department of "Water Technologies" we include other products that improve water quality such as:

Water distiller (Ref. 09070070): this product is designed for use within the dental clinic. It can also be used in hospitals, prosthetic laboratories or any other place where work with distilled water is performed. Their mode of use is simple, simple and safe. It is the solution to have distilled water quickly. As simple as using running water and get after a process, continuously distilled water. The product includes: distiller, water bottle, unloading cap and bottle, filter, main power cord, cleaning detergent of the chamber and instruction manual.

- Technical data:

- Power: 750W. Power

- Internal size: 440mm x 400mm x 140mm

- External size: 500mm x 460mm x 200mm

- Purified water quality:  20μS/cm

- Power supply: 220/50Hz.

- Capacity: 12-15 Liter/Hour.

Water generator (Ref. 09070067): this product applies an osmosis technology to purify tap water so it can be used in patients. This equipment allows automatic control with functions such as automatic failure diagnosis or Verification of the quality of the Purified water. The water generator incorporates three filter stations to Ensure the quality of the water Purified by:

- Station 1: Cotton filter with a pore size of 5µm, able to filter large particles of solid impurities such as rust, sediment, gelatinous materials and microbe particles, etc. from tap water.

- Station 2: Active carbon filter with a high absorption capacity, able to filter chemical substances such as chlorine residues, chloroform, etc. and neutralize the taste and color of tap water.

- Station 3: Reverse osmosis membrane with a pore size of 0.0001 µm, able to filter as bacteria, viruses and mineral ions, etc. from tap water.

Technical data:

- Pressure: <0.1 Mpa.
- Temperature: 5-40ºC.
- Production capacity: 7-8L/h.

For settling in laboratories, our section offers two products with an unbeatable price:

- Dental trap 16L (Ref. 09060005): it’s a deposit discharge materials that are no longer to be used. This product is a basic element that should not be missing in a dentistry laboratory. It is designed to collect all the dirt offering a quick and simple cleaning.

The hermetic closure of its lid prevents the spread of bad smells. Its size and shape have been designed for a simple installation.


Capacity: 16L.

With input and output connectors.

Mobile entry and exit separators.

Dimensions: 38 cm long x 28 cm wide x 29 cm high.

Weight: 2.75kg.

Colour: in beige.

- Dental trap 15L (Ref. 09060006): it’s a deposit discharge materials that are no longer to be used. This product is a basic element that should not be missing in a dentistry laboratory. It is designed to collect all the dirt offering a quick and simple cleaning.

The hermetic closure of its lid prevents the spread of bad smells. Its size and shape have been designed for a simple installation.


- Capacity: 15L.

- With input and output connectors.

- Mobile entry and exit separators.

- Dimensions: 36 cm in diameter x 23 cm high.

- Weight: 2.35kg.

- Colour: in grey.

This equipment ensures water quality within ISO 7494-2 and preserves dental equipment, instruments and water for use in autoclaves and dental armchairs. Allowing the professional dentist not to have to store distilled water.

If you have any question about our products, you are invited to contact with us through this blog writing a comment at the end of this post (scroll down to find the writing box) or through our Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram). For more information, we also have a Youtube channel where you can watch tutorials and useful videos about our catalogue. Anyway, if you need to talk to us you can call to +34 986 190 307 or write an email to

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