We start the spring with novelties!

We start the spring with novelties!

This week in our blog we introduce you the best offers of our website and some new products that recently joined our catalog. At clinic section, the implant motor and the endodontic motor, with a unique offer that you can’t miss. At laboratory section, you’ll meet one of our newest product, the induction heater, and our diamond and carbide dials with big discounts. Keep reading to learn all about them!

For dental clinics, we offer you the next prices for dental equipment:

The implant motor(Ref. 09070079) is the perfect complement for doing implant surgeries. With his big screen, it aloud to see all the treatment parameters. Illumination and sounds are completely adjustable, providing the dentist more autonomy for setting the options. Accessories:

- Separated irrigation water pipes, making it easy to use

- Pedal with multifunction control, which achieves aseptic functionality for better operation

- Little water supply system with 4 times up to 150ml/min

- Reducer contra angle 20:1 with LED light

The motor itself offer the best conditions for work. New generation motor without brushers, torque up to 80N, high performance and highly efficient structure. Both, wires and motor, could be sterilized at high temperatures and pressures.

Technical data:

- Maximum power: 150W

- Power supply: AC230V 50/60 Hz

- Motor speed: 300 -- 400.000 rpm

- Adjustable torque: 5 Ncm -- 80 Ncm

- Water supply volume: 4 times up to 150 ml/min

- Light source: 30000 lux.

- Motor type: without brushes

- Dimensions: 42 x 38 x 26 cm.

- Weight (Kg): 5.5 Kg

- Packaging material: aluminum box


The endodontic motor (Ref. 09070080) shows some characteristics that are going to facilitate the dentist’s work. Our motor is composed by: big sizeLDC colored screen, motor without brushes, rechargeable battery with high capacity, separated watering system, guide light removable and controller pedal. It also includes apex’s tracker function.

Technical data:

- Voltage: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz

- Adjustable torque: 0.6-5.2N.cm (6-52mN.m)

- 5 speed options: 150 rpm - 650 rpm

- Dimensions: 23,5 x 20 x 14,5 cm

- Weight: 2.8 kg

On the other hand, this are the news on laboratory equipment:

The induction heater(Ref. 09060004) is designed for working in high frequencies and magnetic alternate field. It has a great precision on microprocessor control, equipped with sophisticated automatic protection. Heating without flame, safe and efficient. When you get the spatula out of the heater, the electronic circuit turn off itself, leaving just a part of the microprocessor for work. Which are its advantages against others?

- Fast warming

- Safe work without flame

- Regulation of sensibility possible and precise

- Energetic efficiency

- Movable

- Ergonomic design

Technical data:

-       Voltage/frequency: 220V 50Hz +/- 10%

-       Power: 130W

-       Dimensions: 19 x 8 x 8 cm

And besides this equipment, we also offer our dials for dental trimmer:

Diamond dial for dental trimmer (Ref: 090600907): replacement dial for dry trimmer for plaster models. Is stronger and higher quality than the carbide dials and it gets better results and more durability.

- Exterior diameter: 24,9 cm

- Interior diameter: 2,56 cm

Thick carbide dial for dental trimmer (Ref: 090600908-1): it’s an ideal dial for work plaster with the model’s trimmer from Bader®

- Exterior diameter: 25 cm

- Interior diameter: 2,5 cm

- Thickness: 7 mm

Smooth carbide dial for dental trimmer (Ref: 090600908-2): it has the same characteristics than our thick dial except for its thickness, which is 6 mm.

If you have any question about our products, you are invited to contact with us through this blog writing a comment at the end of this post (scroll down to find the writing box) or through our Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram). For more information, we also have a Youtube channel where you can watch tutorials and useful videos about our catalogue. Anyway, if you need to talk to us you can call to +34 986 190 307 or write an email to info@bader.es

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