Back to school with Fantasía Dental®!

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This year, back to school will be a bit different, but as fun as ever! In our blog, we tell you how to get your patients to continue learning to take care of their oral health with Mía and Gus' school supplies.

New catalogue: Bader® compressors!

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We present you the line of Bader compressors! Thanks to the wide variety of capacities, you can choose the model that best suits the workload of your dental clinic. Oil-free compressors, engines of German or Italian design, highly silent and very efficient... the best clinical equipment. Click and discover the entire range.


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Special Offer for dentistry students 2020/21
This week we want to share with you information provided by the General Council of Dentists in Spain. This organization established a “Dental Action Plan for the post-epidemic period COVID-19”. The objective of this plan is to design lines for the protection and reduction of transmission risks in any dental clinic (public or private) after the stage of the epidemic. The purpose of this project is to provide the dentist with the scientific evidenc

Discover our weekly news!

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This week, as a novelty, our blog entry is dedicated to two products that we incorporate in the "Clinic Equipment" and "Laboratory Equipment" section of the new Clinic and Laboratory brochures. Below we will explain these products that we incorporate into the new edition of the brochures in order to offer a wide variety of articles.
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